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Altis Police Mission 2017-2018

Rebuilding a nation is never easy and it requires the entire nation to pull together for the past 10 years we have faced a brutal war of independence with a civil war ensuing afterwards the Eastern side of the Island is still ravaged by war but were winning each day the rebellious factions lose more and more ground to the security forces and we as peace keepers are playing a massive role in this conflict.

Altis Police is on the forefront of the conflict which is why our budget restriction are been lifted to allow us more funds to increase the size of the force along with the equipment the force has access to so we can deliver the final blow and end this conflict and return normality to the entire nation.

Normal duties are still in effect in central & western Altis with reports that crime is down due to our presence in the area daily patrols and new stations are been opened daily to ensure that we maintain 100% visual presence in these areas.

Approval for a new ERT ‘Emergency Response Team’’ has been granted so that we can dedicated a team that will solely focus on the terrorist threat which will free up other branches and officer that can focus on policing duties around the nation.

To summarize our mission for the coming months.

  • Increased presence.
  • Reduce terrorist threat.
  • Improve the resources and effectiveness of the force.

Statement provided by

National Police Authority